The coffee table Type is inspired by a typeface with opposing rounded corners. This silhouette has been crucial in the design process of the table's legs, and continues throughout the rest of the design: in the fillet on the underside of the table top and the outer-edge of the legs. The inspiration from the typeface is also the reason for the black stained surface, which is a metaphor for the typographical world.

The table is made in stained black oak and brushed stainless steel, and comes in two sizes; large with a diameter of 60cm and a height of 40cm, and small with a diameter of 30cm and a height of 35cm.

The construction of the table with the spacers allows the base of the table and the table tops to be stacked separately under transportation. This minimizes the cost of transportation and is also reducing the carbon footprint of the tables. The footprint is further reduced through the use of solid wood, which lowers the processes needed under production.

Two different sizes give an option for a smaller side table and a traditional sized coffee table.

The spacers between the table top and the legs are inspired by two chairs: PK11 by Poul Kjærholm and Visu for Muuto by Mika Tolvanen. These small metal elements are used as a subtle detail to distinguish the base of the table from the top part, making the whole design lighter.


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