the rising sun

The Hook “Rising Sun” is a graphic interpretation of the sunrise in the morning, and also an attempt to encapsulate the Japanese aesthetics and culture.

To master a craft, is very much a part of Japanese culture, and help to shape their aesthetics.

This can be seen in the delicate way of controlling the way of a Bonsai tree’s growth, or to forge a Katana also known as a samurai sword. Both of these arts requires a sharp eye for perfection, and the knowledge of knowing when an object is done. In this way the Japanese people are able to provide an additional layer in everything they do, in the form of an inner symbolism.

A lot of Japanese artefacts have made ground for the inspiration of the design process for the hook. Especially a fan called Uchiwa have been central as well as the national flag which originally represented the rising sun over Japan.

The metal circle of the hook is in this manner representing the sun from the flag, which has a long and important history for Japan. This circle is mounted in a hand-crafted piece of wood that represent the cultural aesthetics of the country. On the inside of the crafted wood piece there is made a hook facing towards the wall, for smaller jackets and towels.

The thought is therefore to use the hidden hook for smaller jackets and to hang bigger coats over the circle.

Oak wood and brushed stainless steel is the materials chosen for the product, to give a more Scandinavian feel the hook.


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the rising sun