hold the shell

Hold the Shell is a dining chair made of a shell in bioplastic and a frame in either black stained PEFC-certified ash or black coated steel. The shell is mounted on the frame with square dowels without any glue or screws.

This gives the opportunity to make a customization friendly product, where you can replace the shell for another colour, size or shape. With the dowel mount it is also possible to make an upholstered shell, where the square dowels are hidden if wanted by the customer.

The design is almost inspired by its own thin and simple sketches, which consists of a rather graphical compositions of straight lines meeting eat other. The main thing of the design process has therefore been to only incorporate the most relevant and important components of the chair.

The sloping rear legs, that goes up and supports the backrest, came to be a very important element of the chair. With this composition of lines, it almost becomes the surrounding negative space that gives the form to the design.


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hold the shell