eagle chair

Eagle chair is a low lounge chair, designed and inspired by the wide and dramatic wingspan of an eagle.

The chair combines the traditional craftsmanship of upholstery, with a more modern and fresh matt black coated steel frame. The combination gives a design with strong references to the minimalistic Scandinavian design, but also gives a new and more masculine expression.

With the simple attachment of the seat and the backrest with hidden Allen bolts, it is easy to manufacture the chair in different colour combinations. It is in this way possible to make a chair for the wild but also the more conservative consumer.

The essential part of the design process, have been to shape the form of the chair.

From the front it has a wide low silhouette, as an eagle going for its prey. While the streamlined curve that shapes the sideview, is giving the sense of high speed of an eagle, to the otherwise static chair.

To give a light feel, the frame is made by welded tube. This is also to add more strength to the chair and to make a cheaper solution, in order to bring the cost price down.


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eagle chair